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Do you need a helping hand in relocating your home to get everything done right without fuss? Hire professional house movers Auckland at an hourly rate for all your moving house requirements. We provide a 15% discount for all intercity moves.

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Flat Movers Auckland

We know that the process of packing and moving your belongings can be nerve-racking. Don’t fret! Let us take the load on our shoulders so you can have a seamless and stress-free experience.

House Movers Auckland
Moving House

Classic Movers is one of the most reliable and friendly house moving companies Auckland with a successful track record of providing hassle-free moving services. We are not just a moving company but your friendly flat movers Auckland NZ who take care of your belongings as well as your finances. We offer competitive prices so that moving house will not give a dent to your wallet. No matter if you want to move a 1-bedroom studio, a two-bedroom flat or a five-bedroom flat, we do the job with excellence. 

Our service is truly personal; you don’t have to worry about things not being properly organised. We minimise stress by taking good care of your possessions so you can focus on enjoying your new home with family and friends.

We Move More than Just Boxes

When you have entire household contents to move around the Auckland area. Classic Movers will be at your service. We are reliable house movers NZ who move entire households to take the stress out of moving day. We have a team of experienced and trained workers who can move bulky furniture, mattresses, piano, fragile items, and general household belongings with extreme care. 

We are expert furniture movers that prioritises meticulous attention to detail in all furniture removals. We use protective packing made from recycled materials to prevent scratches, dents and damage to your furniture while navigating through the difficult terrains. Our skilled workers are also capable of handling delicate items and precious artworks with care. They use specialised crating for additional protection.

We Pack Your Stuff So You Can Relax!

When it comes to packing your household essentials for relocation, it feels like hiking on Mount Everest as sorting through every item and securely packaging them is a labour-intensive and time-consuming thing. Don’t let the daunting task of packing overwhelm you when moving your house. Relax and leave all your packaging worries to us! 

Whether you have delicate antiques, a grand piano, your newly purchased furniture, or expensive kitchen appliances, our skilled Auckland movers will expertly wrap, pack, and transport your belongings with utmost care. We will handle the packaging process so you can focus on other important aspects of your move.

Why Do You Need Professional House Movers Auckland?

Some people choose to move to a new house on their own. They take time off from work, send their children to relatives, and ask for help from their friends. They endure the inconvenience of buying packing materials, sorting their belongings, haphazardly packing everything, and struggling to lift and carry heavy boxes. This could lead to injuries, scratches to your furniture and neck and shoulder pain due to heavy lifting.

You can’t risk the safety of your friends and entire household contents by doing things on your own. You need professional and reliable movers Auckland who manage everything from packing to transportation and unloading. 

Classic Movers is one of the most reliable Auckland moving companies you can trust the job of moving your house. We are professional house movers who provide you with peace of mind knowing that all your belongings are secure during transit. ​Though there is a cost involved in moving houses, the value and convenience provided by moving professionals are truly invaluable.

Contact Classic Movers For A No-Sweat Move

We may be a small company but our hearts are bigger than our trucks. When you choose us for house moving service in Auckland, we make sure that your experience will be memorable – in a good sense. 

Classic Movers provides personalised and strategically planned moving services to minimise mishandling and delays. When we say “ experience a stress-free move with us,” we actually prove it. We save you time packing your stuff, finding dedicated trucks for safe transit, or hiring workers to carefully load and unload your stuff. 

We manage everything for you so you can only direct us to get things done as per your requirements. We also offer total transparency with costs to make your building relocation budget-friendly so you can save some dollars which you can later spend on decorating your new house.

Our trucks are clean, engines are properly maintained and in optimal working condition to ensure timely deliveries. Our Auckland house movers are fast and efficient and do their job without wasting time by asking irrelevant questions. They are trained professionals who are ready for even a last-minute move. Plus, our skilled drivers know every area of Auckland like the back of their hand so you don’t need to worry about missed routes.

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