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We understand that the mere thought of relocating to a new place can send your emotions on a roller coaster ride. Excitement, nervousness, and stress intertwine as you embark on this journey. We also understand that entrusting strangers with your prized possessions carries inherent risks, and we empathise with your concerns. 

That’s why we offer comprehensive insurance coverage during transit to provide you with the confidence to trust us with your treasured items. With our dependable insurance options, you can rest assured that, in the unlikely event of unforeseen circumstances, your belongings are fully protected.

We offer the following insurance options for both residential and commercial moves.

Free Carriers Liability Insurance

Under this scheme, Classic Movers provides coverage for your goods if the vehicle encounters any accident during transit and causes damage to your furniture.


Transit Insurance

We do not offer insurance for your goods during transit, as our pricing is already competitive. However, we highly recommend that you reach out to your own contents insurance provider to explore options for ensuring adequate coverage for your belongings.

Accidental Loss & Damage Cover

This option offers comprehensive protection against a wide range of events, including accidental loss and damage to goods, damage caused by mould or mildew, and electrical and mechanical failure or malfunction of any items. Additionally, it covers the replacement of full pairs and sets in case only one item in a pair or set is damaged, destroyed, or lost.

Feel free to contact us to receive an estimated quote for transit insurance.

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