Services3-4 Bedroom Move – 35 Cubic Meter Truck & 2 Men

We understand the immense challenge involved in moving a house with 3-4 bedrooms. The process of packing and transporting belongings requires meticulous care to ensure the safe arrival of each valuable possession. 

However, with proper planning and preparation, even large-scale relocations can become effortless endeavours. At our company, we possess the expertise, skilled workforce, and spacious fleet of trucks necessary to successfully execute big home relocations.

For the relocation of a 3-bedroom house, we allocate two highly skilled professional movers and a 35 cubic metre truck for a quick transition. However, we recommend hiring an additional worker if you have a four-bedroom house to accelerate the process.

With regards to the estimated time for the move, it typically ranges from 3.5 to 5 hours, assuming that all furniture has already been dismantled and other belongings are packed into boxes. Additionally, it is important to consider that parking availability significantly impacts the overall estimated time.

When it comes to pricing, we ensure our rates remain competitive. The cost for moving a 3-bedroom house ranges from $500 to $650, while the cost for moving a 4-bedroom house ranges from $700 to $850, both subject to parking arrangements.

Contact us to book your next big move with precision and professionalism.