ServicesTrademe Furniture Delivery

Buying furniture from sources without included delivery services can pose a challenge. We are here to face all challenges so you don’t have to. Whether you’ve set your sights on acquiring exquisite antique pieces from online auctions or have found a great deal on Trade Me, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

With our cost-effective “ONE MAN AND A VAN” and ” SAME DAY DELIVERY” service, we offer a fast and hassle-free solution that not only saves you money but also ensures prompt furniture delivery. Within just 24 hours of making your booking, our skilled professionals will have your purchased items securely transported to your desired location. 

Whether you’re an individual buyer seeking convenience or a business owner looking to establish a successful venture selling homemade, customised, or refurbished furniture, our dedicated team is ready to assist.

Don’t let the lack of a delivery service hold you back from acquiring or selling exceptional furniture. Trust in our reliable expertise and seamless processes to provide you with the prompt and efficient delivery solutions you deserve.

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